Mobile messengers are pretty common nowadays and some of them became real hypes. But Chinese developers don’t fall behind the competition. In 2011, WeChat was released and quickly became a hit in China, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, etc. What enticed so many users beyond China? Let’s find out!


As an Eastern WhatsApp analog, WeChat offers a standard package of features relevant to a decent messaging and calling mobile app. For example, the app allows you to:

  • Text with friends for free
  • Send group messages to 500 people simultaneously
  • Make high-quality video and audio calls for free
  • Liven up your text messages with tons of emoji and stickers
  • Send photos and videos to your friends
  • Spice up any communication with the suitable wallpapers
  • Tailor notifications to your personal needs

Though that’s pretty enough to get the most out of the online communication, WeChat has some frills up its sleeve. For example, the “People Nearby” feature. Using your current location, the app shows the WeChat users near you. You can select any person and go chat with them. Of course, this feature is a double-edged sword and someone can strike up an inappropriate communication. But in this case, the WeChat team is at your service.

Those who crave for even more spontaneous conversation can check out the “Shake” feature. Shake up your phone and WeChat will connect you to someone doing the same at that moment.

On top of that, WeChat can be used to perform money transactions in South Africa, China, and Hong Kong.


If you take a look at the app’s transitions, pop-ups, and animations, you may assume that the app was designed for Apple devices though it is compatible with other platforms. The app is less “polished” and every button and every icon of WeChat is more rectangular. Of course, there is some room for improvement, but such a restrained design makes the app navigative and intuitive.


It is extremely easy to install and sign up to WeChat. All you need is just to enter your phone number. What is more, there is no need to add your friends to contact list manually. As you sign up, this fantastic app provides a list of suggested friends for you to choose.

A slew of amazing features function without lags. When it comes to voice messaging, you can get to feel like you are in the same room with a person on the other end. Media sharing also works flawlessly. So, if the smooth mobile experience is what you expect, WeChat will work for you.

Bottom line

WeChat is another app that gives WhatsApp a bit more serious competition. The app brings together all your communication needs together and provides even more, taking the best elements from Facebook, Skype, Amazon, and WhatsApp. Though design needs some polishing, this disadvantage is balanced by straightforward navigation and exceptional usability.

WeChat is on the list of applications that offer a totally renewed experience to users, attracting them with a robust interface and clearly-appealing design. Being one of the highly appreciated apps, it has already reached thousands of installs. Besides, WeChat is introduced by WeChat Tencent and this fact is yet another evidence of the functional quality and high-standard of support. Everyone will find WeChat very engaging since this robust application answers all their expectations. That’s to say, the developers have moved beyond to ensure that US audience remains satisfied with a new app product, which not just occupies the space on your device but actually serves the initially set purpose. WeChat neither slows down your device nor interferes with other system apps you already have installed.

WeChat is one of those comprehensive apps in this category. Give it a go today!

Any issues on your mind? Address all of them to 661 Bryant St, Palo Alto, California, USA, 94301.

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Here you can find the links to the latest version of WeChat. Users with Android-powered mobile phones or tablets can download the .apk file for free and easily install it.

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Sai Kasturi

What kind of login process do you have? My old phone broke and is not working at all and to login from a new device I need to scan the QR code from the new device. What the heck? How am I supposed to do that. The even with the alternative verification process also I finally ended up with the QR code scanning itself. Very very disappointed and frustrated


Would give 5 stars..but try to solve this problem as soon as possible.. When i do shake..Why it showing me that “No results found…try again” frim last 2 days..and there is no option for “people nearby” too What’s wrong with this app before it was awesome from last 3 to 4 days..there is a problem..I hope u solve this soon..because this is my fav app and I just loved it..I think this app need update bcoz doesn’t work “shake”and anymore..

Angel Ng

What the heck on earth apps ask for location to turn on before update? Seriously? I’m so gonna uninstall it if I wasn’t using it for business affairs. Strongly do not recommend to download if you just try to make friend out of this apps. It kept failed on update, I’ve try every single methods on system recommend, finally I’ve read those comments down there and try to update after location been turn on. Dafuq. Do not download it if you’re trying to have fun, cuz you won’t having any fun.

AT Customs

After update I hate the camera. It’s lagging and the removal is the sight function is dumb. Integrating into the camera for me is dumb as it opens slower,lagged and troublesome. I’m using note5 btw so it shouldn’t lag.

Feiyang Xue

This app is a typical example of what outdated design is like. It’s multidevices functionality and compatibility are significantly worse than IM platforms in late 1990s. Also, there’s severe battery drain with large amount of wakelock: basically this thing consumes more power than the sum of other major IMs on my phone, and i have no idea if it’s just bad efficiency or due to untold background activities

Marwanie Razak

Control user.. there’s so many kid under 18 use this apps without permision and controlled by their parents.. and this app too open espacially so many fake account (with sensored pic) and they can chat without request approved.. please update privacy setting as fast as u can..

Matthew Wong

This app did not allow to open if u turn off the locaton permission. This happened after the latest update(24Jan17). It is unreasonable for me that I dun want to use the location functionof this app!

Mazin Bukhari

Login is real complicated and not user friendly anymore. Every login questions or qr scan even from same phone. It will be best if simple verification by sms like most user friendly apps.

Oskar Linder

The required location is terrible and knowing that there is no privacy is concerning. I have to use this app because it’s allowed thru the great firewall but I would rather not.

Prakash Arne

It’s getting bullshit.. so many stupid verifications.. I’ve lost total of 3 accounts now.. my latest acc couldn’t be accessed at all now.. it used to be photo verification, then some question verifications and now, QR code?? And I need to take out original phone to scan? What u mean by original phone, this is my phone.. I’m not using two different phones.. bullshit


What the hell is going on? People can’t see me when I’m nearby for almost 3weeks in a row? Then need verification that totally suck!!! I miss the old version that more friendly user.

Akshay Shelar

This app has potential to be better but it sucks.. I mean there is not much they provide. Recording Video not provided. Turning to front facing camera while recording moment not provided. Quick camera toggle not provided. All they do is make the app heavier and unrealistically using more ram and wakelock. Seriously they need to improve their stability and performance like sending massages quicker even if the network is bad because thats the very basic function of chat app. P. s. – dont bother updating.. Its same app lol Update- camera quick toggle they provided… Nice job guys.. Have you forgot phones have ‘ camera flash too’ seriously pathetic updates from wechat.. I mean previous version atleast was using phone camera this update can’t even let me do that.. Now i have to use camera and then move to wechat… Wow developers you guys really “did it all over again ” applause for such brain


I tried to get we chat but apparently someone else has used my phone number and now it won’t let me sign up. Good thing I’m just an American in China not trying to talk to people!

fergerson choo

No… if my account others devices not login I still remember my account I need to scan the QR code or need to ask ask two of my friend to send me the number? That’s suck please fix the issue

Napawan Chiawpanit

Why I cannot block dirty people? Why I can’t stop them to calling me all the time? Fix it! Before I uninstall

Seowtin Teo

I will never be installing it untill it doesn’t ask me for location info upon launching ! To Wechat Team: I am definitely one of your lost users directly who delete wechat without any hesitation since you team think that refuse launching app is a great and effective way to force users giving you their location n other private information ! Sorry I will never give you those. Remember don’t inferiorly develop and design your applications and please never think your mean leverage would be useful in other country out of the Mainland of China.

aftaab bh

Please change the verification process..earlier it was nice now its very horrifying n not able to login..how can u scan qr code whn u have got a new phone n already sold the old mobile…plz make login which was in earlier version..its just annoying n not able to use wechat from 1 month..

Akmax Official

Much more popular, user friendly. but i have a few suggestion to improve this WeChat app. 2 Missing features – No flashlight option in ‘Use Camera’ in Moments. But device without flashlight on the front camera will use the screen like brightening white the screen – No ‘Save to Draft’ option in video/sight editor so it’s difficult without it. 1 Bug – Video/Sight viewer is a bit lagging for devices on Mali-400MP4 GPU or lower and it is need to be fixed 1 Huge Suggestion – The WeChat’s user interface like iOS version was outdated. Need UI improvement based like on Google+ app material design. Thankyou WeChat team. – Max

as mehra

Two years ago i love this app but now that is a worst app ever could not find any indian friend only showing foreign and gulf countries friend when shaking. so i dislike that i give u 00000 stars but u give me older version then i give u 5 stars

Jude Maxwell

Why cant i log in into my wechat account??.. When i entered my phone number and pasword.. It say account or password error… I try different method.. Its cant be verify.. Why is that?… Is my account have a problem or being hacked?

Wenny Lim

Team WeChat. Please repair this problem. I mean for Indonesian users. We use Indonesia language for WeChat, but it appeared with weird language that can’t be understood. Please repair this so we can give a good reviews and high rates for you


I can’t even add any of my friends… Please try again later? I installed it just now… What’s the problem wechat… We need updates.. A really good one… So that i can add friends

Niko Laus Horianto

Stupid log in system. I need to scan QR code, how if i uninstall the we chat before and want to log again? The other alternative is friend send the verification code. So i must bother other person to log in? So the other person must know that i want to log? How if i have no friend that online? How if the other that will verify me also must do this step? Stupid!

sachin kumar

The new security update is totally waste , making me unable to login back after phone reset , asking for barcode and code from friends which I unable to do as I don’t hv any other phone, new voice login is showing error , its a complete disaster

waseem najam

i using from 4 years its very good app but unfortunately i logged. out my account. and i try to login. but its shows some errors so please help me to login in my old account

ZK Ong

The log in is sucks! I had format my phone due to some issue and now asking me to scan QR code from my previous phone? Are you ridiculous? Just sms log in will do! What the hell u need so many verification

Aman Farooqui

Used to love this app…but recently the shake feature has stopped working…it always says ‘No results found. Try again’. And there’s no help available. Very disappointed.

Lan D'Noizeshakerz

Stupid log in system. Period. Now I am locked out of my own account. Dont bother use this anymore everyone. There are beetalk, whatsapp and Facebook. This app can die now.

Madara Uchiha

since last year. people nearby doesnt work properly. my friends cant see me in people nearby. also they cant recieve any greetings from me. this happened since last year. i always create new account but nearby doesnt work too. until now, wechat didnt fix this. this app is crap now. pls fix this and i will rate it 5 star. i used this app more than 3 years

Mahesha Js

After updating login is screwed up and shake feature is not working it’s limited to 5 shakes. I used to love this app few days before but not now. @wechat team, fix above problems ASAP!!


Loggin was problem.. Every time i log in into a new phone..need to verify my friends.. After im done verified it still cannot open.. I hope this app will be more friendly or else i will banned this application forever.

Afiq Hanafiah

Fix your Shake your phone to find other people….. its usless…and costumer service do not reply …typical…. very unfriendly app… tried everything to log in back to the system… no luck Chinese style app…. fix it

Fiqry Suhaimi

Worst app! How can I scan QR code on old phone and my old phone is broke?! Please fix it. I just want my account back. 🙁

marvin rabi

Fk the log in i logout my account then i login so many things to do.. please fix your app!! So many complain! Still no improvement and no reply in wechat!!!!!

Muhammad Hafizuddin

Wechat is a good app. In the latest update it need to verify qr code for log in wechat hmm I thing u need to do something that easy to log in wechat ! it hard to log in now because it need to verify the qr code

Nur Syafieyqa

please fix !! fix !! fix !! i love to use this app but sometimes when i want open this app it force me to take a few minutes before i use this app , why i need to wait that earth with a boy it so long !! i try use any skills to made this okey but it same , anything its same no change or anything alse made some good of me. so please fix it ,and try dont change thats thing if thats thing is enough good for us ,and try do something if us dont like a new change u have made for us.

Roy Jack

where is support? i formatted my phone, WeChat was working before format.. i re downloaded WeChat again.. i entered my email and password and the app asked for verification i answered all the questions correctly and then it told me that im using a different phone.!!!!! im using the same phone..!! then it asked me to scan the QR code from the original phone and this is my original phone i didn’t change it.. whats the problem?!!!!!!!! i logged in many times with my same phone and same email and password after re-installing WeChat! why now i can’t?!!!!!! i sent many emails to the support and no response till now. and why this stupid verification way? what if i lost my phone or got damaged? should i beg my phone’s manufacturer to make the same phone for me again just to scan the QR code and login?!!!!

Sugat Bhalshankar

From last 20 days im unable to login my a/c..its saying scan qr code from ur original mobile..please do needful.. I ll give u 5star..

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