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Weather forecasts are quite helpful when planning a vacation, event, or meet-up. Luckily, today’s range of weather apps can provide us with complete and insightful forecasts in no time at all. If you fancy getting accurate weather forecasts, consider installing the Weather Channel application.


Aside from simply showing you the tomorrow’s weather, the Weather Channel incorporates a bunch of exclusive features, which deliver the most detailed forecasts. For instance, this app implies getting weather reports broken down by hours, days, and weeks. You can even preview the weather conditions for the upcoming 2 weeks, which is of extra use when it comes to planning a vacation or an outdoor event.

Aside from that, the Weather Channel displays the wind speed, barometric pressure, humidity, sunrise time, heat level, and even the pollen counts. Highly allergic individuals may find this last showing extremely helpful.

There’s an opportunity to be in the picture of all possible natural disasters; if interested, permit the app to send you notifications. Except for that feature, the Weather Channel launches a ready-to-go weather show available on business days from 6 to 11 a.m. Last but not least, this app offers a second-to-none radar feature, enabling you to see the weather at any given place with your own eyes.


Right after you run the app, you will see the home screen with an image that changes depending on your geo-location, current weather, and the time of day. The hourly forecast is showed on vertical panels within the app’s interface. All in all, the app’s layout and design leave a positive impression because of the dynamic and attractive home screen.


It’s super easy to get to grips with the interface of this app! Thanks to the Weather Channel’s intuitive navigation, you can instantly receive the most accurate weather forecast. All the important weather details are kept on the home screen, so you don’t have to waste time on scrolling. Moreover, the application is available in many languages – Danish, Polish, Chinese, Arabic, Greek, Russian, etc.


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Because of its user-friendliness, foolproof design, and a slew of distinct features, the Weather Channel app is surely on our faves’ list. You can get the all-around weather forecasts anywhere anytime at no expense!

Weather – The Weather Channel is on the list of applications that offer a totally renewed experience to users, attracting them with a robust interface and clearly-appealing design. Being one of the highly appreciated apps, it has already reached thousands of installs. Besides, Weather – The Weather Channel is introduced by The Weather Channel and this fact is yet another evidence of the functional quality and high-standard of support. Everyone will find Weather – The Weather Channel very engaging since this robust application answers all their expectations. That’s to say, the developers have moved beyond to ensure that US audience remains satisfied with a new app product, which not just occupies the space on your device but actually serves the initially set purpose. Weather – The Weather Channel neither slows down your device nor interferes with other system apps you already have installed.

Weather – The Weather Channel is one of those comprehensive apps in this category. Give it a go today!

Any issues on your mind? Address all of them to 300 Interstate North Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30339.

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Here you can find the links to the latest version of Weather – The Weather Channel. Users with Android-powered mobile phones or tablets can download the .apk file for free and easily install it.

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Ken in MN

Love the app, except for one thing – the daily weather alert in the notification bar. After a couple days I wanted to turn it off. Went in, slid the bar to Off, got pop-up confirm that notifications had been turned off. Next day, notified again. Went in, notify bar was back to yes. Did this about 10 days in a row. Finally had to completely uninstall and reinstall to get to to stop.

Jason Sudbury

The one thing I REALLY dislike is the default blue on the widget on my home screen. Other than that, it is a great app/widget. I am going to go back to yahoo weather unless there is an option to not have the blue background on this widget soon. I don’t like it covering my screen picture. Yahoo weather widget has a box to un check in settings to not show the default picture. This blue one is UGLY, covers my background picture and I want the option on the widget to not show the blue.

Kimberly Brumfield

I like the app, there’s just a glitch. When I go to “Daily”, tap on the current day, and scroll down, the app will snap me back up to the current day. After doing it the first time, it won’t do it again until I close and open the app again, but it’s quite annoying. It’s not my phone, because I had this issue on my last one, and now my new one. So if you could fix that, it’d be appreciated

crystal perez

Different features of this app or slowly starting to NOT WORK. It’s very frustrating when I go to use this app like I have every day for all of its different uses and not being able to do the full functions. Been waiting for an update but nothing……. I can’t log into my account anymore and mpoints don’t work, ect…

Michael Carroll

There are way too many ADS in this app in my opinion but provides all the weather information I need. I would prefer the new android UX/UI. I would also be willing to pay a subscription fee for no ads in this app either yearly or monthly to remove them, please look into that option here in the Play Store as you may not be aware of it Weather Channel.

Kodiak North

Great app. I’m not much of a weather guy but I like being able to see days in advance. What’s really killing me is that I have every notification option turned off and I’m still receiving them. To make things worse, there’s no option to make notifications silent, so my phone buzzes every 15 minutes when another shower is about to start in Santa Cruz. The team should really get to fixing that because then this app would be fantastic.

Yesenia Boom

It’s OK….I’m not sure why Everytime I get the app, it always seems to disappear from the notification tab and never come back. It’s the reason I stopped using it in the first place. I liked glancing at my phone and seeing the temperature right on my screen as I work outdoors. I recently gave the app another chance and the temp was there for about a week and now no matter what I do, I can’t get it back up there.

Cearra Rose

Can’t stand the ads before every video. I just wanna watch the 30 second weather videos, not a bunch of ads. Prediction for weather sucks too. Only good thing is road conditions, temperature and government warnings.


I want to really like this app, but I’m mostly only using it because the one that was on my phone before started acting up. This app doesn’t like to update to my current location and I would like to add more places just to compare weather around the world but I can’t find where to do that – not very user friendly.

roanne vef

I think this is my favorite weather app. I agree with other viewers though, to many ads. I pulled ad up so I can’t see it and a small box with the ad pops up, I swipe it off the screen and that gets rid of it.?

Heath 2671

This app is okay at best. It at least is on point with the temperature. But if you’re looking for real accuracy, I suggest something else. It is almost always wrong when it comes to snow and rain. I uninstalled it yesterday when it said it was a heavy snow shower outside. … no snow. That was one in COUNTLESS times that and forecasting was wrong. I don’t suggest this app.


There are more ads than weather. Seriously. The videos are unwatchable too me. More commercial than content. I would just like to open an app and get an easy to find accurate forecast for my area. I can’t even find it. Weather Underground is pretty good.

Ks Y

I love weather Chanel , always check it in the morning as a part of my morning routine and I actually really like the app, that is when it actually works!! It has been crashing CONSTANTLY in the past 4 months or so! My husband even uninstalled it completely and found a different app altogether, but I keep giving this one a chance because I love the breakdown and especially the videos… Can you please fix your app???!??

Mark Herring

This app has great features but I travel a lot and wish that I didn’t have to enter a location (ie: home) to get any kind of alerts for a particular area when I’m actually traveling states away. It makes no sense. Should I enter new credentials in every town I stop in? Why not give us any alert based on location without the confusion and fuss… Like the app did a few years ago. I have to uninstall for something more integrated.

Mike Briers

I’ve been very satisfied with how accurate this app is and it is my preferred weather app. Downside is that it uses a ton of battery power. I’ve noticed that when I have the app turned on my phone goes from full charge to 15% within a few hours. Even with power saving enabled and the app notifications turned off this app uses enough battery power to drain my phone in a few hours. I don’t know if there is a fix to this but if there is I would consider using it again.


This app has ALWAYS had visual problems. It’s just UGLY and UNORGANIZED. Why do you have to put advertisements, videos to things I’m not interested in and JUNK in between EVERY section??? I want to see my current conditions, hourly and daily forecast and radar all together, not so spread out that I have to scroll through several pages. Your app SUCKS!!!!

Cheryl Timmons

Moving to another state, and I depend on you to report absolute accurate weather reports. You haven’t let me down yet! Could not have moved as much as I have if I didn’t have your report to depend on! Keep up the good work!

theresa meetze

M points still will not load. Have Uninstalled and re installed. Still is useless. And uses a lot of phone battery finally able to load points but still achievements have gone down just like many other m points games they just keep getting worse

Dave Uptain

I dont depend on any 1 weather report. Iwatch 3 and average the reports and then decide whats going to happen. And thats not always right. I think out guessing mother natureis at best poor.

Keith Sankey

When are you going fix the link within the Android version of your app, so it does not hang up? Works on my Android phone, but not on my Galaxy Tab A tablet. mPlus points for achievements are not being recorded or issued when using the app. Have reported this to TWC and mPlus, but each keep passing the blame. Would raise my rating to 5 stars if you would get this fixed. I have lost points associated with 50-100 ahievements, which is a super ripoff.

Rtpalfour per

Last couple of weeks it is hanging up and not opening on my note 3. UPDATE: not hanging up. ..good. But I really don’t like that the temperature does not automatically update until 1 hour has passed. Are you kidding me? To get an update, I have to force stop the application and then reopen it. Please fix. Update 1/31/17: Sometimes still not updating for 2 hours! Refreshing fails. Yet website on computer has current temperature.

danny harbour

Not only can’t I access my m-points but now when watching videos there’s a damn ad before every video! This app has really gone downhill in the last few months. First was the drastic reductions in the m-points given out on this app. Now I can’t access my points at all it just keeps saying loading and now an ad before every video!!! I’m thinking about switching to Accu-Weather! The app sucks anymore!

Luis Lara

Excellent app. The only thing I don’t understand is why you guys need acces to photos, files, phone call, Contacts, etc? Are spying on the people?

Morgan Lowney

The app WILL NOT let me even choose my location. It is absolutely useless to me if it won’t even take me out the first page. I just wanted to use this widget but I guess I’ll have to use something else.

alexa Janell

It’s a lot better than the weather channel on dish! I’m rather irritated because sometimes the app freezes. So then I have to restart my phone in order to get the darn app to work! I’m half tempted to find another weather app since I never had the problem w/ this one til I had to update it. So please fix it so I don’t have to delete this one! This weather channel has got a lot of problema. Is still keeps freezing and occasionally it isn’t opening up on my phone which is extremely irritating and rather annoying too!

Vinicius Thedim

Support is unresponsive, fake, just automatic responses. It consumes to much data on background, must be restricted .Suggestions: It could use a compass icon pointing for wind directions instead of mnemonic reference. Regular users sometimes doesn’t remember this college information. At least it could be a preference to be chosen by user. Wind alerts could be configured by user. I miss this information since wind alert is triggered only on hi speed wind. Two less star for not responding emails. I sent 4 emails and only received automatic responses

ravinder bhawani


Ryan Parrish

Love the app design.. HATE ads.. a premium provider like this should by now have brought back an ad free version. I hate seeing stupid irrelevant ads.. I’m on the app for weather not shopping. I’ll keep it because I like the WEATHER features…And please.. do away with that mypoints crap.. it’s annoying too.

Stan Lupkowski

Way too ads while watching videos. You’ve ruined a good thing.


The weather reports are accurate and up-to-date. I always use the app whether I am home and especially when I am going out of town. It helps me decide what to pack and what to expect when I arrive at my destination.

junior D.

Accurate weather. Found a problem where it shows me the forecast in Texas instead of Kansas. Isn’t this supposed to be based on the location my phone is in? If read, please look into it. Will rate higher when fixed.

Daniel Scott

Do not mess with the notification options. If you turn on notifications for other cities you will never be able to turn them off… They will just turn themselves back on… Other then that, I love this app

Deb Davis

Notification for game day??? Really? And when I look to give feedback because all alerts are disabled for this app, I’m told it’s device related. I’m not in Houston and I don’t want your stupid alerts. Uninstalling

Jesus Briseno

Keeps us well inform on the weather back home while we are away ,are on the road.

Jodi Brundige

I liked this app until recently, all of a sudden the radar is all black and you can’t see anything

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