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Not so many people can say they don’t like music. Today, the songs and artists are plentiful and diverse than ever, and everyone can surely find something to enjoy.

There are dozens of mobile applications for listening, which can be installed in a click. Spotify Music is one the best choices for music lovers who appreciate the wide selection of tracks available via the app. If you are looking for a new streaming music app, Spotify will ensure an intuitively pleasing experience.


This free music application provides access to thousands of playlists with quality songs. But bear in mind that there is no way to stream particular tracks on demand. More to it, within an hour, it is possible to skip tracks only six times. Though, you won’t face such issues in a paid version.

Spotify Music provides shuffle play so you don’t have to listen to songs one by one, and instead, tune the app for random play. You are able to create your own playlist as well.

In addition, the app allows the creation of customized track list using radio stations while you’re enjoying a specific song, album, or artist. You just tap on a song, select radio, and the app suggests you songs that are similar to the one you’re listening. If you fancy anything, rate it to help Spotify Music app improve the offered choice next time.

Can’t find any song to suit your mood? Tap the Discovery button and the app will compile a list of songs to your taste based on tracks you usually listen.

And don’t forget to share your playlists with friends! It can be done easily via Facebook because Spotify Music enables the option of shared playlists.


While using the Spotify Music app, you will appreciate its simple and friendly UI. It was designed to serve your basic listening needs. Though there is nothing out of ordinary, the dark background makes it visually contrasting and easy to catch up with images and track lists. Everything here is modern and sleek, just like in any other streaming app.


Sure the application is problem-free. Browsing is simple – you can choose the preferred genre and then find songs you want to listen to. The sound quality is good, as well as the Wi-Fi connection that enables instant track load even if there are slight connection breaks. You can also increase the quality from 96Kbps to 320Kbps.

This free application never showed any major issues on iOS or Android, thus you are sure to enjoy the music flow without interruptions.


Spotify Music is yet another streaming app available on the market. It offers a wide selection of songs, which is a bit bigger than those found on other apps. The main benefit of this music app is its comprehensive listening options, which ensure nice experience. You can download the app for free to see what it’s like!

Spotify Music is on the list of applications that offer a totally renewed experience to users, attracting them with a robust interface and clearly-appealing design. Being one of the highly appreciated apps, it has already reached thousands of installs. Besides, Spotify Music is introduced by Spotify Ltd. and this fact is yet another evidence of the functional quality and high-standard of support. Everyone will find Spotify Music very engaging since this robust application answers all their expectations. That’s to say, the developers have moved beyond to ensure that US audience remains satisfied with a new app product, which not just occupies the space on your device but actually serves the initially set purpose. Spotify Music neither slows down your device nor interferes with other system apps you already have installed.

Spotify Music is one of those comprehensive apps in this category. Give it a go today!

Any issues on your mind? Address all of them to Spotify Ltd, c/o Goodwille Ltd, St James House, 13 Kensington Square, London W8 5HD, Great Britain.

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Here you can find the links to the latest version of Spotify Music. Users with Android-powered mobile phones or tablets can download the .apk file for free and easily install it.

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Andrew Kim

I have used Spotify premium for more than 2 years now and never have I experienced this problem: listening to music kills my battery (even my downloaded music). I use this app every single day and only recently had it started doing this. Please fix this issue.

Angelique Helfand

I absolutely adore the app, and it’s great listening to offline, or discovering music online. I’ve discovered some great music from my favorite bands that I couldn’t find (or find out about) on Spotify. Keep up the great work!

bramantya anindhita

Bagus, pilihan lagu oke dan suaranya jernih. Sayang tidak ada pilihan langganan dgn potong pulsa dan promosi IM3 langganan gratis 30 hari harus submit nomor cc dulu. Lainnya gak berlaku.

Christopher Jiannetti

Overall works great, but lack of ability to reorder playlists or view what’s changing with updates is a little frustrating. The playlist thing is especially baffling to me since its a basic sort of thing you’d expect from an audio player and doesn’t seem like it would be particularly hard to implement.

David Lazybey

EDIT: Don’t make a mistake and pay for the premium package instead of the family package, because you’ll have to re-sign everyone up all over again! SUCH A HASSLE! (was 5 stars, now 4) In comparison to other music apps, this it the best one out there. Listen to ”radio”, or listen to other peoples playlist, or make your own playlist, and have other people listen to it! Purchase the app and download songs so you can listen to them without having to be connected to Wi-Fi or have a connection. I’ve deleted all other music app from my phone because this one does it all!

Dustin Auger

Cons: I’ve had to download my offline music more than 4 times so far this month and it’s costing me extra data. Pros: Easy to navigate interface, has a built in audio equalizer, if you’re a premium member you can save your music for on the go.

Julia Grattan

This is a great way to listen to music. You can make your own playlists and other cool things. I love Spotify. I wouldn’t dream of uninstalling it.????

Kathy Scott

Updated: Seems a bit better now than earlier versions. Suspect still a bit of a battery hog. Concerns re. Security still. Better & UI more user friendly. Older: I don’t know why I thought Spotify would be OK now. They’re not. Then I read huge security concerns. I’m uninstalling, again. Oh, I know why I installed…wanted Prince music. Forget this app.

lili wisniewski

I have the premium and its amazing! Totally worth it. I cant believe it only has 100,000 or so downloads. 10/10

Matthew Wilson

Love the access to music and that I can make my own playlists, all for free. What I am annoyed with the constant suggested songs playing and not my playlist. I can understand 1 now & then, and I can handle the commercials, but I’ve had 7+ suggested songs in a row all which I don’t like and don’t fit in with my playlist (Christmas music playlist, for example, playing all Bruce Springsteen non Christmas music…over an hour of suggested Bruce Springsteen songs and not 1 from playlist)! Makes me turn off spotify when this happens and doesn’t make me want to pay for premium service.


Spotify is a great way to dicover new music for free, and it also has a premium version that has no ads and you can listen to your playlists offline. I really love this app, I think it’s the best music app I’ve ever tried. Oh, and one last thing, it has this feature called Discover Weekly that picks a bunch songs based on what you’ve listened to. I discovered a lot of new music that way.

Adwin Rahmadi

Please add sleep timer, i’m likely to listening music before sleep at night, thanks

Ashley Lantz

It’s would the best thing ever of you added a sleep timer. Some Playlist I listen to at night are hair too long. They eventually end up waking me up. It would much easier to just set a one hour timer rather than delete songs

Bernard Nicolas

When will Spotify can be free? I think it is more better if you’ll going to do that. Many people want that. Spotify has a very good music—seriously everything is great except for one thing and that is paying. I’m just telling my opinion but really, it is more better if Spotify is free. Every month I always pay this app but sometimes I forgot and it is very annoying tho, I always get suprised when my Spotify didn’t work because I didn’t pay in short I forgot. So yeah I always set a reminder on my phone and it still annoys me. Can you please make it free, for good? Trust me many people will love it. Don’t you want that?

G. H.

Great app on my Samsung S7! Excellent layout, excellent accessibility, excellent music selection. My only complaint is the accessibility on the Samsung Gear Fit 2. The interface is as intuitive as it can be for such a small screen, which is a compliment! But it can be a bit laggy and sluggish between tapping a button and the player on the phone responding. Not quite the snappy interface you look for when you’re running or working out.

Guilherme Costa

it’s the second time I have to uninstall and reinstall this because it erased all my saved music and won’t access anything. this is frustrating.

Gurpreet Matharu

I used to love Apple music on my iPhone, but after I switched to Android and download the Apple Music app from the play store I found it to be really buggy, it nearly always locked up and froze while I was listening. After switching to Spotify I haven’t had any of those issues! It is an absolute pleasure to use – and works seamlessly across multiple platforms. I’ll definitely be sticking with them!

Horacio Salamanca

I have spotify premium. The app if awful, crashes my phone every two days. Usually can’t listen to what I want when I want. Also deletes all my downloaded tracks from time to time… My phone is samsung A7 2016, shouldn’t crash.

Jay Gee

Excellent music app, love the offline music mode and the searches are quick and smart. The only the thing I have an issue with is the control layout. Why are settings hidden in the library. Having good said that the settings options are excellent. Very customisable. The premium version is the best version. Buy I’m prepared to pay to have access to literally hundreds of genres of music. This was fantastic at Christmas for background music. So much of it!!!!

Josh L.

I have been a paying Premium member ever since I upgraded to my first smartphone about two years ago, and have no regrets. I’ve always hated the music industry, and how it costs so much to buy more than a few songs, but hate all the issues with pirated music online. With Spotify, I can discover nearly any artist in existence, and learn what I like before investing my limited money. I also have bad attention problems, and without this service, I highly doubt I would have made it through 3 years of college.

marc dugas

Very good app and service. Especially like sharing and building playlists with friends. However, it’s bullshit not to have a release note summary when ever a new version is released. Either lazy, or bad management decision.

Michael Ward

My friend had recommended Spotify to me about two years ago. So I used my free trial and absolutely loved it. There is nothing better, I have been using Spotify ever since. I have an iPad classic with 160gb memory there is over 90gbs worth of music on it. And I haven’t touched it or my iTunes account since I started paying for Spotify. Highly recommend Spotify to anyone who loves music.

Noor Hussain

Great- I switched from downloading to streaming music and can’t understand why it took me so long. Premium is well worth it considering all the perks you actually get and how useful they are. Only issue is that Spotify are not transparent whatsoever on what’s new on every update.

Ronald Loice

my previous credit card provider blocked my card due to theft. i changed to new card and payment already made, but Spotify still ban my account, wtf. Now I cannot access Spotify but still pay monthly recurring!! Suck donkey balls

theo mar

Good, however there is alot of ads, and when is says ‘Watch this short video to receive 30 minutes of add free music,’ it will go on to give me about 6 addvertisments. Which really annoys me, and it would be good if you give the advertisments some variety, as its been the same for over 12 months.

Thorsten Gartemann

Seit inzwischen Monaten sind die Ladezeiten absurd lange (von zwei Minuten bis Abbruch). Such- und Playlistfunktionen sind leider auch schlecht (Suchen funktioniert meistens gar nicht, egal ob LTE oder Wlan) . Gäbe es bessere Alternativen, würde ich sofort wechseln. Außerdem wäre es schön, wenn das Design den Android-Richtlinien 6.0 folgen würde, obwohl hier inzwischen etwas überarbeitet wurde.

Tommy Albrecht

I HATE how I cant just listen to the songs i want without paying money. Quit giving me these damn suggestions and let me listen to what I want. If I didnt include a song in a certain playlist, then it is probably logical to NOT force me to listen to listen to songs I dont want to listen to. Please either add a way to remove suggestions or be at least able to SKIP them.

Xavier Garcia

Incredible app. Perfect for streaming and so glad i tried the premium version. You can’t really appreciate it until you are driving down back roads with no service for miles. Will definitely be upgrading to the Family subscription after current subscription is up! Well done, guys. Well done. ?

Alex Usovich

Very buggy and slow. Takes a few minutes to start playing a song and skips throughout it. It also gets stuck on the ads which requires an app restart. Any music app such as Pandora is quicker and easier to use than this one is. Would not recommend paying for premium with these bugs

Becky Kessel

Love the app.. but a few months ago i did an update and now when i lock my phone i dont have a way to switch songs without having to go unlock my phone and then switch the song. CAN YOU FIX THIS? It is so annoying. I just want to be able to change songs without always unlocking my phone..

Cesur Kavaslar

The only thing stopping me from going Premium is the fact that I can’t play offline from my Android Wear watch (Moto360 Sport) to my headphones while on a run/without the use of my phone. Until then I will continue to use Google Play Music – let me know.

ConnTurk 67

I have been using Spotify now for a few years and I have had my fair share if bother with the app. Everything seemed to be working great, but for some reason some songs on my downloaded playlist will not work. I have tried multiple things to make them work but can’t seem to find a way to make them work offline. Of anyone has a solution to this please help me!

Donald Weir

I’ve been subscribed to Spotify for some time now, and so I’m a happy customer. However, I think that something that would make the app easier to use, is a larger selection box for the song options, in order to save or add up next. Often, I’ll be slightly off and interrupt a playlist for a single song. But it is a great app and I recommend it.

Gaius Normanyo

Add the in app lyrics with Genius, like what you’ve done for iOS. It’s annoying to switch back and fur between the Spotify app and Genius app if it can be avoided. Plus the radio option has a problem. Certain songs just don’t play and stop the momentum of my workouts or anytime I’m using headphone and don’t want to touch my phone.

J.Paolo Araya

Spotify was working well in the last few months but recently it’s been buggy and keeps freezing. Sometimes when I stream music it will just play but there won’t be sounds even though I’ve maxed out the volume. Please fix this or I will unsubscribe

Johny Milton

App refuses to work most of the time, I have unistalled it and the re-downloaded it, and I still have issues, searching for music, playing the downloaded play lists and it actually playing songs. I have had the same issues with my, 2 previous phones. So can’t be the phones must be issues with the app it’s self. Canceling my membership and using another service.

Justin Bey

no offers for existing users which is kinda stupid because you are not rewarding or showing that you care about the users that have already given you hundreds of dollars for only a few months and new users over the summer have the option to use it for .99 cents instead of 9.99. I think over the summer you should make the .99 cent deal open to EVERYONE. The service was so much better before because now it “pay for everything except just listening to music” which most of the time its not even frommy playlist

Mohammad Fuad Rapsan

Good apps if price is maintain affordable. But usually apps that is getting more and more popular tend to charge more and more one their fanbase hit millions. So hopefully this apps stay as it is in terms of pricing but keep improving on quality and songs available. 5 star!

Nikko de Guzman

I’ve been using this app since 2014. I never had any issues. What I love the most is the offline mode feature. I can listen to my favorite songs anytime, anywhere. 🙂 I am a very happy and satisfied user.

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