If you want to watch a movie or TV episodes on your device, Netflix is the app you should look for. This mobile subscription service will provide you an instant access to the TV shows and series you’d like to watch while on the go. To enjoy this app, you have to subscribe for the Netflix member. They offer a one-month free trial for everyone.


Netflix streams a great choice of media via mobile devices for all audiences. The application is functionally even more advanced than its web version. Customers can browse through a range of TV categories right from the home page and tap to continue to watch trending episodes they like. It is easy to scroll through the app and all categories. A sidebar with genres choice and settings is within a single tap. You can also turn on subtitles, but those must be set prior to viewing.


As a mobile app, Netflix intends to deliver pleasing viewing experience. In general, the design is taken from the website. There is a white font that stands against a black background and a red logo at the top. All movies and shows are displayed with their featuring images without written titles. Thus, the main screen is not overloaded with content and the bright images are displayed in contrast, ensuring that the application is functional and easy to navigate. You won’t find any extraordinary features here but that’s the main point of Netflix, to make it easy to use.


Netflix is quick and comprehensive. You won’t face issues using it on your device. The main navigation is done by scrolling. The sidebar will provide you access to genres and other TV features. Nothing will disturb you from browsing TV shows. However, there are some annoying issues to note.

You can’t instantly watch what is featured on the home screen. If someone else has used your account, you then will be forced to deal with a content you’re not interested in. In a matter of compatibility, you won’t be able to use this app with Windows. Finally, there is no option for watching trailers via the app.


Basically, Netflix copes with delivering continuous quality films and TV episodes. Despite its usability issues, the app works well in streaming media. Moreover, it serves great as an accompaniment to their website. So, if you are not near your PC and want to watch your favorite shows, the Netflix app might be a good choice.

Netflix is on the list of applications that offer a totally renewed experience to users, attracting them with a robust interface and clearly-appealing design. Being one of the highly appreciated apps, it has already reached thousands of installs. Besides, Netflix is introduced by Netflix, Inc. and this fact is yet another evidence of the functional quality and high-standard of support. Everyone will find Netflix very engaging since this robust application answers all their expectations. That’s to say, the developers have moved beyond to ensure that US audience remains satisfied with a new app product, which not just occupies the space on your device but actually serves the initially set purpose. Netflix neither slows down your device nor interferes with other system apps you already have installed.

Netflix is one of those comprehensive apps in this category. Give it a go today!

Any issues on your mind? Address all of them to 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032-1815, USA.

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Here you can find the links to the latest version of Netflix. Users with Android-powered mobile phones or tablets can download the .apk file for free and easily install it.

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Netflix is awesome! They offer so many choices. The quality of the pictures are equally as awesome. Very organized and consistent with content. I would like to see an option one day that would allow me to filter out or save as a preference, the ability to eliminate rated “R” movies from my screen. And the ability to share with others a movie I just watched and notify them about it in so that they can watch it on their account.

Barry McComish

Downloading content is now available to SD card (or device – its our choice) – fantastic. When all content is available for download this app (thats a rights issue not tech related) will be as close to perfect as it ever can be. Would upgrade to 4.5 star if it was possible.

Chelsey Hilburn

New update has broken screen mirroring. As soon as Netflix loads on my phone while I’m mirroring my screen, it ends the connection to my Roku. If I try to connect with the app is open, nothing happens. I’ve been watching Netflix with screen mirroring for a while now with no issues until this new update.

Dale Horth

Great service, could use more nostalgic series and movies geared to all current age eras. For example; Jim Henson’s TMNT trilogy and the original cartoons by Eastman and Laird. Hardcore fans would be attracted to joining Netflix and not turned off by the current garbage that TMNT has become. Keep it Legendary.

Destiny Calverley

Really annoyed that since the download, French subtitles are underneath all on screen text. I can turn on any other set of subs and they won’t go away. Even with subs disabled they’re still there.

Jennifer Sheffield

Today’s new update does not allow screenshare to stay connected. Pissed off. I have no Internet in my area so I have to download shows and screenshare to my TV to watch and now my only means of entertainment is screwed.. How do I get the older version back?!

Mark Benson

*This feature is not available on all devices. The OnePlus One is perfectly capable of supporting the new download feature so why can’t it? It’s driving me insane, I pay the same subs as iOS/supported Android device users but am treated differently because of my choice of handset.

Walter Goldsmith

Only problem is when picking movies on my phone which is 3″x6″, the print & pictures displayed for movie selection are too tiny. And they can’t be ((amplified)). The search works well but I don’t have a large selection of titles in my head. When I make a selection the service is very fast (I get DVD’s in the mail)

ZeroKelvin Keyboard

Pros: – No advertising or other rubbish. 🙂 – Ability to download content for offline viewing. – Interface and categories are easy to use. – Good playback controls (smooth scrubbing and 30 sec back button are great). – Chromecast support for TV playback. Cons: – A lot of content doesn’t offer offline downloads. – Limited catalog in some countries, improving though.

David Waugh

Could not reach Netflix service. Please try again later(-9). Ever since the recent updates this is what I get from your app or it will load after 3 minutes of being on the Netflix load screen. I have 24mb/s download speed… The service on my laptop is great however the app needs major fixing. Also I didn’t know $10.69 was a monthly billing price. I thought it was $9.99.

William Stover

Screen cast broke: I’m with the rest of these guys. Since last update, my screen mirror does not work anymore. As a truck driver, it’s my only way to watch Netflix on my tv. If I can’t mirror the app, I’m wasting money and will cancel service.

Adrian Saftoiu

The previous realeases were functional with bluetooth. When you’ll fix this issue you can consider yourselves honest, since there I’ll call you Thieves. People are paying you guys.!.. Test, check before issuing realeases that are damaging the bluetooth drivers!!!!!!!!!! And cut the crap with 4.4 rating… No other application have given this problem with my tablet! If you don’t fix it in 2-3 days I’ll cut subscription and open war against you on all social media in my use.

Captain Absol

Although Fullmetal Alchemists was taken off, that won’t affect my review because it’s unjust. What is, though, is the fact that recently, the audio has been cutting out and the video seems to lag quite a bit. The subtitles are also hard to see against a white background, which is rather common.

Hector Valle

Great app, but what would make it A LOT better is the option to download movies & shows for offline viewing. I commute to/from work via subway underground more than an hour a day and can really use this time to catch up on shows from Netflix. Please make it happen soon.

Mr Interested

Netflix is the only media app that i use which does not allow me to multitask. Other apps such as VLC, Twitch, and Youtube, all let me run the app in a window while allowing me to run other apps at the same time. Netflix will only run in full screen. Netflix should consider adding windowed/popout ability to a future update.

Omena El

I wish the app featured current movies just like the DVD accounts. The fact that I can’t watch up to date movies, and that the options are limited, is what makes this app OK. Netflix needs to fix this ASAP! After I’ve watched my favorite Netflix originals and some of the documentaries, there’s nothing exciting to watch. Very very limited. For those Netflix subscribers that watch it from TV and mobile devices, join with me in asking Netflix to give us the same access to DVD subscribers.

Owen Williams

UPDATE – Jan 25, 2016: After being limited to internal storage during MANY hours of flying on a recent international trip (which worked great except for limited download space), the ability to download to SD card has been added and WORKS! Big shout out to NetFlix programmers – you are awesome! They really pay attention to their customers. Upped score from 4 to 5 stars. ORIGINAL: The new download & play offline feature is a major improvement for travelers. Unfortunately, the app can only download to internal storage. A tablet like mine (Samsung Galaxy Tab A) with only ~6GB of available internal storage is therefore very limited even though it can have up to 200GB additional storage via microSD card. I have 32GB extra available if Netflix could use it. (Samsung disabled adoptable storage on this model, so that is not an option.) NetFlix: Please consider further improving the app with this feature!

Starnetta Cone

I Enjoy the app, I really do. It would awesome though of you would not just have the sequel but the original also. When is disney going to ope. That vault and let you in on the movies we had growing up in the good days. I have neices and nephews that need some good cartoons and movies to binge watch. YOURE DOING AWESOME NETFLIXS!!! NOW LETS GO A LITTLE FURTHER

Wyatt Apooch

It was fine, but all of the sudden, it wouldn’t stop trying to cast to near devices. And no matter how much I try and not cast it, it persistently asks for a TV code. Even when I log out the app, it still blocks me from using my phone. I have no idea how this happened,it was working fine before. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, and that didn’t help, went to settings for Netflix and my phone settings and it frustrating the hell out of me…

Andrew Griner

I really enjoy using this app but for the Nexus 6P. With my tablet, there are features missing. With all this great content to watch I tend to download it now because of the new feature. Unfortunately I can’t download any content on this tablet to my SD-Card. I’d just be happy to download to my internal memory but I can’t even do that anymore. I’ve also lost the ability to cast this app to the Chromecast which I use to be able to. I wanna say it’s the updates fault but honestly I have no idea. But I would love to get a response back from the team and see if you can fix these mistakes. Thanks…

Lachlan Jackson

Won’t cast on chrome cast since my wife used it on her iPhone. Everytine she casts, my phone thinks i am casting too… the way it works is very unclear. Let us make multiple lists insted of 1 big list full of all different movies and tv shows and docos.

Odean Hoss

App doesn’t always sync with TV, and “customer service” is not very good. Been hung up on, or not had problem resolved more than once. Have to uninstall app to get it to “update” and then sync between phone and TV. What a horrible joke! THIS SERVICE SUCKS ASS!

tdash hoot


Norman Miller

I used to love Netflix. Been streaming movies from the app for 5 years. The app has been reinstalled several times on LG tablet, Moto Z and iPhone and nothing will load, still. This needs to be fixed ASAP or I’ll be cancelling service!


List of downloaded movies disapears and cannot be accessed. Strangly the menu of downloaded movie still says they are on the list. Also in order to access buttons for pause, fast forward, subtitles etc, I have to adjust the volume on my phone as taping the screen casues the buttons to appear then disapear just as fast. I love being able to watch movies on my phone though. Please fix the bugs.

Jordyn Overton

It’s been a few weeks and the issue is still not fixed. I am getting error code BRL.22005, telling me I have too many videos downloaded and I only have 3, when most of the time I have about 15. Please fix this. I do not have constant access to wifi and would like to enjoy my netflix without using a ton of data.

Juan R.

Update after update and the casting feature of Netflix (Android) to the PlayStation 4 Netflix app is still broken. Come on, please fix it. Both devices are on same LAN & still nada. Al was storing find full sound a week or so ago. All that had changed on said environment (LAN) is the Netflix updates. Please fix casting or let us know if got won’t support this feature on the PS4 anymore. Thanks

Sid Werner

There is simply no better streaming service. Period. There is none that has the selection or the quality. Plain and simple. Especially the Netflix originals. The app has gotten a lot more responsive and speedy over time. It’s about time you went back to a black and red icon, very nice. The PS3 version could use that new icon. The constant updates are really becoming annoying though. Seriously, what bugs? The PS3 app has bugs, so update that, geez.

Jeff Kuochan

Great content, incredibly horrible app. They still refuse to get around their own hung connectionbto google cast. After so many years, all the other apps fixed it. Netflix remains the only one that won’t cast when a previous connection is stuck. Basically you need to restart all your routers or reinstall Netflix. So I’m basically re-installing all the time.

Linden Airey

Why can we no longer use chromecast? The icon is not appearing. The info in the faq about this is not helpful and doesn’t fix anything; it’s just disappeared. I can only assume you’ve removed this as a function? The app is good but as I primarily use it in conjunction with chromecast, I no longer see any reason to pay for a subscription. Fix it or I, like many others, will be gone.

stephanie s

Fix the offline downloading i have storage and everything nothing is full but it still tells me to delete a video before downloading more. It would let at least 8 videos from a series and now it only lets me download one

Sudhir Kirloskar

App is good but the quality of movie collection (in India), is really pathetic. Good, classic, critically acclaimed movies are very very few. Also the collection is improved very rarely. I am observing (almost) same collection for past 4 months. There very few hindi movies and no regional movies. The HD charges are 650/- for such poor collection. This means that the charges are similar to US plan but the movie collection may not be even close to 1/4 of US collection. I don’t think such model will work in India, unless Netflix-India seriously improves the content.


I love love loved netflix, and all of a sudden I cannot screen mirror to my tv. It was working before and now everytime I’m screen mirroring as soon as I select netflix it bounces off. Pls fix or let us know if we can no longer use screen mirror so I cam cancel my account.


IT’S ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to open a full page when clicking on “Your List” or any other section for that matter. Just scrolling left to right doesn’t cut it, you just end up forgetting about shows/movies you saved because you’d have to “treadmill” your fingers on the screen for 5 minutes to get to them! WE ARE ALL BEGGING YOU TO ADD THIS FUNCTIONALITY, PLEASE!! Still getting 4 stars because Netflix is awesome regardless, but come on impress us!

Rahat Afshan

Netflix is good for a person who likes watching movies and shows but doesn’t have time. When watching a movie or show if you have to go grab a snack or go somewhere you can do that without worrying about the show or movie not saving because it saves for you. The only issue is that when you want to watch on more than three screens you have to pay. Another issue is that popular movies that come out do not approach Netflix until 1 or more years of the movie or show’s release.

Erin Jarrett

For the past two weeks l, every time I’m watching something on Netflix it will not stop harassing me about connecting to the nearest device. It bugs out so bad I have to restart my devices. I don’t have this problem on any other app only Netflix and its made the experience unenjoyable!


It’s one of the best film and television show services out there. Fair pricing, fair wait times, good shows, and most importantly no commercials! I’m a little bummed by some of the shows and films that were recently deleted or that you’ll have the sequel to something but not the first film. Overall though it’s a good service that deserves the 5 stars. Thanks Netflix!

Roger West

Having an issue with the app on my mobile. Plays ok, but once progress bar hides I can’t get it back, pause or stop play, have to exit work hard button on phone, won’t respond to screen touch. No such problems with my tablet… Unrelated to this app, but Sony TV with built in app likes to crash regularly too. The Netflix service is brilliant though and the shows are great, not a wiff of reality Tv in sight!

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