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Imo is a quite competitive instant messenger designed for mobile devices. Using the latest technologies, the app’s developers created a decent service enabling users to perform free calls as well as bombard their buddies with millions of text messages from anywhere. Despite being underestimated, Imo is worth your attention.


Like any instant messenger app, Imo offers a set of free features necessary for the full-fledged online communication:

  • Unlimited text messaging
  • High-quality voice and video calls at a zero price
  • Ability to send group messages
  • Sharing of pics and videos
  • Zillions of free stickers
  • Connection with users of other platforms


First, you may get the feeling that you are sandwiched into something narrow. However, that’s the false impression. Though the design of Imo may seem a bit basic, it facilitates convenient and straightforward user experience. Each icon is comprehensible and every function is accessible. As for the stickers, they help express any emotion to the fullest extent and liven up a silent text. Simply put, Imo is attractive, easy, and pleasant to use.


Imo is quite light (a bit over 5 MB) and compatible with both Android- and iOS-based devices. In order to start your instant messaging journey with Imo, simply go through a quick installation and sign-up procedure. You will be asked just to enter your phone number and get verified by means of a code sent to your smartphone.

As you’re done with the registration, feel free to personalize your Imo profile – configure notifications, set sounds and lights, upload your photo, block unwanted users, or add somebody to your favorites.


While Imo falls a bit behind the giants of the instant messaging industry (like Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp), it gambles on flawlessly quality calls. In addition, it stands out with basic but functional design, all the features vital for proper instant chatting, and exceptional usability. Though Imo has enough room for improvement, it can easily top all its rivalry in the short run.

imo free video calls and chat is on the list of applications that offer a totally renewed experience to users, attracting them with a robust interface and clearly-appealing design. Being one of the highly appreciated apps, it has already reached thousands of installs. Besides, imo free video calls and chat is introduced by and this fact is yet another evidence of the functional quality and high-standard of support. Everyone will find imo free video calls and chat very engaging since this robust application answers all their expectations. That’s to say, the developers have moved beyond to ensure that US audience remains satisfied with a new app product, which not just occupies the space on your device but actually serves the initially set purpose. imo free video calls and chat neither slows down your device nor interferes with other system apps you already have installed.

imo free video calls and chat is one of those comprehensive apps in this category. Give it a go today!

Any issues on your mind? Address all of them to 555 Bryant St, Palo Alto, CA 94301.

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Here you can find the links to the latest version of imo free video calls and chat. Users with Android-powered mobile phones or tablets can download the .apk file for free and easily install it.

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