Facebook is the leading social platform based in California. Since it ‘captured’ the global social media industry in a flash, two years later the developers have launched the Facebook Mobile app. The app is optimized for smaller mobile screen and caters to the ‘mobile-obsessed’ majority.


Basically, the Facebook app is a ‘barbie-size’ replica of Facebook.com, i.e. it comprises almost all the features available for the web version. In general, using the app, users are entitled to:

  • Create profiles, specifying their name, educational background, career path, hobbies, etc.
  • Add friends, create friend lists, and sort these lists by certain criteria
  • Share files and other users’ posts
  • Upload their own files and create unique posts
  • Get notifications on various updates
  • Post status updates
  • Combine Facebook with other applications
  • Check the newsfeed for updates
  • Create interest groups


Initially, the app’s design was very akin to original Facebook. But in the course of its evolution, Facebook Mobile became more appealing to those who login to the app in order to read articles and keep updated with their buddies. When it comes to fonts, the developers opted to make users’ names and post headlines more prominent than the buttons for sharing links and comments. The only thing that makes these two Facebook varieties alike is the traditional blue and white layout.


Using the Facebook app, you’ll barely feel any difference – it ticks all boxes in terms of usability. You can normally read, like, and share posts. As a special perk, vids play automatically as you scroll the newsfeed. The only sticking point with the app is the absence of the in-built messenger. To this end, users have to download the Facebook Messenger or opt for the Facebook Lite app.


It’s clear that Facebook (as any existing app) has some room for improvement. But all in all, the platform’s mobile replica will cover your reading, viewing, liking, and scrolling bases – all for free. So, if you use Zuckerberg’s piece of geniality for these purposes, you may want to install the app.

Facebook is on the list of applications that offer a totally renewed experience to users, attracting them with a robust interface and clearly-appealing design. Being one of the highly appreciated apps, it has already reached thousands of installs. Besides, Facebook is introduced by Facebook and this fact is yet another evidence of the functional quality and high-standard of support. Everyone will find Facebook very engaging since this robust application answers all their expectations. That’s to say, the developers have moved beyond to ensure that US audience remains satisfied with a new app product, which not just occupies the space on your device but actually serves the initially set purpose. Facebook neither slows down your device nor interferes with other system apps you already have installed.

Facebook is one of those comprehensive apps in this category. Give it a go today!

Any issues on your mind? Address all of them to app developers.

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Here you can find the links to the latest version of Facebook. Users with Android-powered mobile phones or tablets can download the .apk file for free and easily install it.

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Bobbie Lee

FB has become way too complicated since the beginning. Simple is better. Now posts are all over the place, it’s disorganized and sloppy. Videos/gifs are distracting, plus all the links people now post (if I wanted to look up news, I can do that myself) I miss just plain posts and pictures. It’s a shame that’s all.

Cindy Decker

App freezes up at time, video playing issues too. My worst complaint though is that I had a very good friend whose account was deleted after some other users who were harassing and stalking her because of a difference of opinion reported her. Her offense is using a pen name on her account, that she published under, and not her actual name. She’s a rape survivor and has to protect her identity. Facebook doesn’t care and took the side of the bullies.


Terrible. I havnt been able to open my Facebook app once, since the latest update. I have to keep uninstalling it and using an extremely old, outdated version of it. Which is annoying but I am OK with it except that Facebook keeps automatically updating to the new app. Where I can again not open it, and so the cycle repeats itself and I uninstall and go back to the older version. I have to then retype all my login info to get on the app and a few days later again the new app gets installed and won’t open and so on and so on. Very dissatisfied.

ravi singh

Everytime when u update u get more worse their are lots of problem, u consume too much of data. Even video of low ppi won’t run smoothly weither u r on WiFi or 4g. Please make it simple rather than adding too much on it. Grow up don’t add marketing pop-up addware To ur own app by stealing our information.

Rene Wahl

Everything was great until today’s update now everytime I look at someone’s wall or timeline, nothing appears. I’m a member of a group that list things for sale every 15 mins and every posts picture won’t show, wording is there but no picture. Tried another group page and same thing. Do much for making it faster and better to connect to friends and family.

Theresa Martin

The last few updates have been awful. Clicking back from links brings me to the top of my newsfeed instead of back to the post I was viewing. After watching some videos I have to restart my phone to get the video to go away and Facebook to reappear. When clicking on continue reading on a post it shoots me back to the top of my newsfeed. I’ve had to restart my phone to get a video to upload completely once it hits 99 % it stops. These are just a few of the glitches. Update it’s still awful. Too many problems to list

Tudor Pixie

I love Facebook, it’s my main way of interacting with people and keeping up to date with news as I don’t read papers. I can’t give this app 5 stars however because I get a lot of ‘cannot connect at the moment’ messages even when at home and WiFi working fine. App kicks me out occasionally and every time I update it wipes my phones home wallpaper?!

zachary farrell

What is wrong with you. Now you want our ID so you can “make sure it’s us.” I never give facebook more than one star because they get all of your information and then ask for even more. Next they’ll need are social security number and credit card numbers too. “For security” that’s all. And they update nearly every day, take up too much space, use all of your battery and data, etc. But everything is fine because it keeps people from paying attention to what’s important in life

A Google User

Since the 30,000th update videos no longer work after you watch like 3 in a row, cant search for people properly, posts are out of sync. Cmon facebook i used to like you but now im just thinking about how much i miss bebo n myspace atleast they work properly

Abdullah Khan

New FB application are heavy it spends too much time in opening and it makes the phone slow and busy… Video player is very bad not playing the video smoothly even on fastet Internet connection. i think older Versions were far far better from these New versions….. Poor performance and very slow App


Hello there. I am really dissapointed with the new updates. I shouldnt click the updates button. Now my fb is super slow loading! I cant see any content loaded even other people display picture as well. Please fix this issue and i’ll give the stars back. Btw, im using vivo v3 max.

Blu Ray

The notifications suck and makes groups of older and newer and I’m getting double notifications too and when I click it doesn’t make it as light as the already read ones . Also some wall feeds aren’t showing the pics or what’s going on.. the version before to me worked great plus they moved message icon to. And now just 3 show very big spacing apart . Why not add another icon and make it 4 or 5 not 3

Chay Trice

Ho do FB think they are. Yet again the newest update has hidden the most recent feature even more. And the feature no longer works properly. It is not this companies right to tell me what order I should be viewing posts in. I DON’T WANT TO BE READING STUFF THAT IS OLD NEWS

Damian Mayse

One of my big problems is when ur in marketplace, you can’t see the comments from the post. All u see is the post and ur only options are to make an offer or message seller. U might want more info on the product ur looking at, or the product could already be sold all these things usually show up in the comments but you’ll never know unless u run a completely separate search outside of marketplace for the product in question which is a pain in the ass

Glauk Shala

its very slowly and im my phone facebook laggy

A Google User

Is it to innovative to ask for one solid app, in which to provide all of the rich features of having several? There is one for Groups, Messenger, Facebook mobile, Moments, etc etc etc… Give me a break! You have so much money, put it to use! A company with this much money should also not have glitches!… But hey… you guys are rich and everyone uses it. Ok.

Clare Halkyard

It won’t show feeds properly on my HTC 10. Keeps showing text but no pics and repeating the text 4 or 5 times. Also, if you acknowledge a notification it still shows as unread. Totally unstable and very frustrating. Also auto updates despite me having auto updates turned off. Please sort it!

Fran Bagshaw

Where has the ‘most recent’ Gone? I don’t want to see what’s happened from 2 days ago. I want to see the most recent posts. FB have slowly moved it deeper within the app until this time when I have to click 5 buttons to be able to click ‘most recent’ And then it only shows about 5 posts before reverting back to ‘most popular’. This doesn’t happen on my ipad where most recent is within my favourites and easily click able and it works. Why can’t fb actually give me what I want?

Michele Yoder

Supposedly the latest update included “improvements for reliability and speed.” That may technically be accurate because ever since the update it reliably will not open. It keeps hanging up while loading and I have to force close it. This has caused me to spend less time on FB, also making it faster.

Nitish Kumar

I like it. I love it. It´s so….so…..cool app. It´s very very useful for our society. But,some people are using wrongly thinking….I hate that people. I think….,we have to hold up our dignity& culture that we are going to enter society. So that,we can share our feeling,experience,culture,traditional,societies, business,science,language,lifestyle…etc., with each other. I feel today a fault in this app..when i select (upload) and media file form Gallery then media files are not show folder wise..

Scott Brower

Why force me to see only what you want? How would you feel if GOOGLE had an ad EVERY 4 RESULTS!! Why all the suggested posts/apps/videos?? I keep blocking EVERY ONE but STILL every 4 posts is “SUGGESTED” PLEASE STOP! To many PERMISSIONS! Install messenger?? NO! Don’t get me started on messenger!!! ADD SORT function to GROUPS! Why limit the MOST RECENT tab??? Oh well there are other ways to get my view my content. More SPEED improvements and “reliability” YAY! LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!


useful sometime use more power and slow run.

Waqas Umar Gondal

Too Much Slow and hanged version

A Google User

You guys/gals messed the notifications menu all up. Putting labels on things like new recent and earlier not a good idea when things are constantly updating. when you try to refresh it constantly puts you back at the top of the list and only gives you a couple more items at the bottom… please take away the additions to the notification menu because it’s horrible

Alexis Wallace

1 thing I wish was different…when I want to add a photo comment or post a photo, I’d love it SO SO SO MUCH MORE if I could choose a folder of photos from my gallery. EDIT: now I have to add that the Marketplace was soooo much better before the last 2 updates! Go back, you ruined it. I can’t even search for a specific item in all my buy,sell,trade groups. Please please fix. I LOVED the marketplace.

chante leena

I CANT BUMP ADS IN SELL GROUPS NO MORE WHAT HAPPEND???? I DONT WANT TO POST THE SAME AD 10 TIMES!!! I want to be able to bump my ads again! & As A Admin ….i think members list should be private and when viewing the list show how many members you’ve viewed out of how many there is.

Dana M Cumbee Lizenby

Update 58.22 mb’s on Android 6±↑ but, I’v‘a (I ‘have’ ) Samsung Galaxy SG5•|•whatev’r happens~happens√ ¶||↑58.22mb; Dec ¦°2016°|| Jus’ love how I have such a gr8 time going on, talking to & finding my friends. ReInstalled, well trying-b’cuz it wouldn’t Update to Newest 6.0±Android UPDATES√–if that makes sense|

Leah Beyer

I love FB, it’s my favorite time waste. I don’t have a computer so this app is a good friend of mine. That said, it sucks! I scroll for half an hour, leave the app to do something else (don’t close it just switch to another app) and when I come back it resets to the top of my feed. This is especially annoying when I’m leaving FB to Google something I see in a post. It would be great if this were fixed.

Marilyn Staples

It was great but now constantly getting messages fb not responding can’5 seem to login directly from fb icon this is so annoying, then when I respond to a notification when I hit the back arrow it fades to black then that hateful box comes up wait, report, or close if I hit close it then takes me into a loop. It was my favorite until this week. Just reinstalled and nothing has changed, its like your updates ruined fb. Only way I can get on now is to wait for a notification, sorry.

Sande Fox

DANGER! Unable to edit personal info to ensure my safety. Their Help Center will not respond or correct the problem. I cannot suspend my account in order to circumvent their failure. They are holding my info hostage and placing me at risk. Boo! Criminal? Are they liable if they ignore repeated pleas for correction and as a result I suffer loss or harm?

sidhhant bhardwaj

Why my phone switch off when I login facebook

A Google User

And the assholes ruined it again. Continues to be a bloated piece of crap. If it could stop showing me the same notifications over and over, THAT’D be great. And the idiots got rid of the Friend Request notification! What a useless piece of junk. Thanks, 20 year old incompetents. Also terrible customer service by a scumbag company. Improvements for “reliability and speed” lol, yea, right

Amit Sinha

This is a amazing app

Candice Chapman

I do like this app. However, since the update at the end of January the posts in certain groups just keep repeating and while being repeated are also getting cut off so you can’t see the entire post. Makes it really hard to keep up with what the other group members have been up to. Please fix.

Faitha Brown

Love Facebook but the app has been not responding alot so I send in reports when I’m able but still nothing gets fixed. Also when I’m in a group that Im a moderator in it sometimes freezes and doesn’t respond. This needs to be fixed because I’m basically the only one help take care of the group and there are lots of people to take care of and alot of post to be accepted

John Elton

Kala ko kapag nagupdate ako nito app mababago ang looks ng fb ko magiging katulad sa nirelize niyo na pic. Dito pero hindi ganon parin katulad ng dati I don’t know why? Please fix it I’m supper excited pa naman magupdate dahil sa bagong look then ganon din pala ?

Muammar Abdallh


Tezza Tucker

I can’t live without this taking up as much space as 500 immigrants in a rubber dinghy. Hideously annoying on wanting space and taking forever to be installed. How soon will it be before it takes up all available space available on a device. Mark Zuckerberg you are nothing but a low life prick who allows beheading and violent videos but takes down a picture of a semi naked female. What a joke.

shah nawaz


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