Install & Uninstall Guide

We are happy to provide our visitors with a wide choice of the most popular and known mobile apps. We have bent every effort to make the download process simple, straightforward and comfortable, no matter if this is a useful application or an exciting mobile game.
Installing the app to your mobile
1. Select the app you’d like to install. By the way, our site offers a suitable search function, so if you seek a certain app by its name, you are welcome to use it for your convenience.
2. Press “Download” button, which is easily found on the top of the review page.
3. On the completion of the download open the Downloads folder, find the app, open it and press “Install”. That’s it, as simple as 123!
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Uninstalling the app from your mobile
Just in case you wish to remove the downloaded app from your mobile device, you will not face any difficulties with this. Just go to the Settings menu, press “Apps” or “Application manager” (varies with device) and then press “Uninstall” button.
If you have faced any trouble with installing/uninstalling of the mobile apps on our site, or if there are any issues with the site performance, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail to: We will process your inquiry in due course.